Saturday, 30 January 2016

Finished ... and started

The socks are finished ...

I am so pleased with them. I love the way the district and circle lines spiral up the foot. They are ever so warm too. 

Another pair has been started  ...

(No,  I still haven't finished the Down the Rabbit Hole socks.  Yes, I will finish them at some point).

This is Rico Superba Poems in Tropic colourway and it's quite hard to put down. Since I took this picture a couple of hours ago I have turned the heel and knitted up a fabulous shade of blue.  Yum.

The sweater is finished  ...

I am very happy with this - the colours work well together and it looks very smart.  It will go in the post to Caitlin after the weekend,  at which point I will metaphorically hold my breath until I know it has arrived safely.  Euan liked it so much he asked for a mini version.

And this project has been started ...

The boys' room.  They chose the colourscheme  (you haven't seen the best of it yet),  and are helping with the painting.  Eilish is also painting her room this weekend so there's a lot of paint being splashed about!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Changes afoot

As I expected, my enthusiasm for this sock yarn knows few boundaries. At lunchtimes once a week I teach crochet to some fellow work colleagues, and I couldn't resist shoving my yarn in their faces sharing my lovely yarn with those who appreciate it. They were very kind and didn't back away nervously. I actually managed to stop myself from showing it to my boss and every passing visitor, but it was a close-run thing.

At the weekend, house things were accomplished. Together with Eilish and Euan, I painted two walls of the living room. First coat, which is a bit patchy, but I'm pretty pleased with the colour. It looks a bit insipid on the photo, but it's very nice in real life and,coincidentally, matches the sofa almost perfectly. (We didn't plan that). The third wall with the window will be the same colour, and the fourth wall will be a brighter green. (there won't be an odd white stripe next to the door either).

Meanwhile, the socks continue to grow. I'm hoping to finish them before the yarn arrives to finish Caitlin's sweater (I think the socks might win), which should arrive in the next couple of days.

You may notice I have managed to make it to a real computer this time, as I've now added a better banner. Hooray! 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Mind the gap

Last night I went to see my knitting friends at my local (though now slightly less local) stitch and bitch at Yarn on the Square in Ely. The temperature was below freezing and there was thick fog, which made for a rather nervous drive, but I was suffering withdrawal symptoms and determined to go. My friend Annabel, whose passions in life include knitting socks and running, gave me some wonderful sock yarn by Whimzy, called "colours of the underground ". She had been knitting socks with it last month and I was so enamoured with it that I looked to see if I could get hold of some, but sadly it was out of stock.  However Annabel very kindly gave me her second skein and I  immediately set to:

The colours are inspired by the tube line map and look fabulous.  I'm quite delighted with it and I'm sure they will be completed very quickly  (unlike the Down the Rabbit Hole socks, which have been unceremoniously chucked aside).

Meanwhile, here is a picture from my commute:

It got really busy on the water just after this, there was a tailback of about twenty boats all waiting  their turn. I'll stick to cycling, I think.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Enforced change of direction

No yarn at the yarn shop (well to be fair, lots of yarn at the yarn shop, just none of the right stuff ), so the sweater is sulking in its project-bag-substitute Co op bag for life,  and the sock knitting continues :

Don't get me wrong, I love this yarn, and I love this  pattern  (good job too since this is my third attempt at knitting socks with it). But I don't like being told what to do  (does anyone?), and since I can't knit on the sweater ... well, it feels like my choices have been reduced to one. Kind of like the conversations you have with your kids when they're too little to know any better, so when they are throwing a hissy fit about going out for a walk because they wanted to watch peppa pig, but you give them a choice of two different hats to wear (handknitted, natch), and suddenly they're like "I am the lord and ruler! I get to decide EVERYTHING! !", and it doesn't dawn on them until at least bathtime that they were conned ... yeah, that.

But they are very pretty.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Baby steps

In accordance with our plan to do at least one thing each day,  today I have vacced and mopped the floors downstairs, and cleaned all the paintwork around the switches. Painting the living room will wait for another day; after yesterday's exertions I decided to take it steady.

I got a fair bit of knitting done, and may in fact have finished the sweater, except I ran into a problem :

You see that little tail of white yarn?  That's all I have left. For some reason I thought that one ball would be sufficient.  Fortunately, it being white, I'm not too concerned about dye batches, but I'm hoping I can find it in a local shop and not have to send off for it.

This evening I thought about what to knit with my yarn from Tiger, but in the meantime I worked on my Down the Rabbit Hole socks, finishing the first and starting the second.  No picture,  sadly, I will rectify that next time,  but a bit of enforced sock knitting was actually a nice change.

Saturday, 16 January 2016


There's a lot to do.  So much that if I sat back and thought about it I might just go back to bed and hide under the covers. But instead this morning I swept out the shed and put shelving in:

I also put bookshelves in the bedrooms and unpacked the books,  Nick  plumbed in the washing machine and between the two of us we fixed the bedhead on our bed. And last night we bought paint for the living room which, having made space to unpack so many boxes,  we hope to start working on tomorrow.

Having been so busy this morning I have had a quiet afternoon,  and much progress has been made on the sweater.  I'm torn between being impatient to see it finished and not wanting it to end as I'm enjoying making it so much. It's complex enough to be interesting to make but simple enough that I can read at the same time  - perfect relaxation.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Do you remember those little square plastic puzzle games you used to get in Christmas crackers,  where you had to move around all the little squares to make a picture, but you only had one little space to manoeuvre?

That's what my house looks like just now.

As things stand, we can sleep, eat and sit in relative comfort, so the urgency is not so, well, urgent.  It may take some time to create order from the chaos though.

However we did put up a picture  (something we were not able to do in our previous place ), and so now it definitely feels like home!

I  have had a little bit of downtime, during which I've made a bitof progress on the sweater,  which now has its full complement of arms and has the beginnings of a yoke. Not a great picture but that colour is in fact green,  so I am now working on the fun bit!